In need of Computer Repair or Service? I provide affordable local computer repair & laptop repair services for residential customers with computer issues ranging from repair to service to upgrades.
    My name is Mark Shreaves. I am a Self Taught Computer/Laptop Repair Tech with over 15 years experience. Since the evelution of the computer I have been interested in how they work & fixing them. In 2000 I fixed my first Laptop after months of studying online & books I had purchased.


Laptop Screen Repair

A few years ago the cost of LCD screen replacements for laptops made replacing them an unlikely option. Now these screens are very Affordable in most cases. Especially the newer LED LCD screens.
Sometimes I can get them for as low as $65. That truly does make replacing the screens a viable option to just buying a whole new laptop.

All tear down Work is Done at my home, I do not ship out your laptop to another facility. This saves a ton of time.

Most screens I order come within 3 to 5 days and I strive to get them installed and tested on the same day of arrival.


Hardware Services

Laptop Repair - I perform a wide variety of laptop hardware repair, power jack repair and replacement, keyboard replacement, touchpad repair, harddisk failure, and cd/dvd drive problems.

Desktop Repair - I will diagnose and replace a variety of components that have failed in your PC including, power supply, motherboards, video cards, networking cards, and harddisk replacement.


Other Services

Interior Cleaning - Dust & pet hair collect in the fan & clog it causing overheating which can harm a computer if not cleaned. Requires tear down.

Checkup & Optimization - Laptop or PC feeling sluggish & taking longer to load programs? A Tune-Up & Optimization & your computer will be running Faster!

Full System Recovery - Want to restore the computer to its original factory state? Is Windows corrupted beyond repair & need reinstalled? Reinstalling Windows will take care of these issues & restore the computer like if it was brand new.

Labor Rate

$ 75
  • Laptop Screen Replacement

Labor Rate

$ 75
  • Keyboard Replacement

Labor Rate

$ 75
  • Everything Else

Labor Rate

$ 75
  • Incase you didn't get the Hint Labor is a Flat Rate of $75 NOT $75 Per Hour



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