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DIY Solar Panel

How you like to Build your on Solar Panel for about $500. Get complete instructions on Estimating Your Needs - Power Consumption - Sun Tracking - How to Use a Multimeter - Wiring Up The Solar Array - Mounting Solar Panels - Choosing an Inverter - Panel Assembly and Wiring from Panel to Outlet.

Wind Turbines

DIY Wind Turbine

This E-Book serves as a guide that details how to build a 10 foot diameter wind turbine. This machine is of a simple design, largely bases on US Patents and Piggott's works. It features an axial flux 3 phase alternator. It should be fairly efficient in low winds (Producing perhaps 10 watts in low 10 mph winds) and it should produce around 700 watts in winds of 25 mph, at which the machine should begin to furl. Peak power output from this machine is about twice that (1500 watts in 70 mph winds) although I don't believe the alternator can withstand that for long. It makes for a nice quiet low wind machine. I think you will enjoy building it and saving $$.

$ 1.50

Solar Panel

Detailed Instructions on Building your own 100 watt Solar Panel.

$ 1.50

Wind Turbine

Detailed Instructions on Building your own Wind Turbine

$ 2

Solar Panel & Wind Turbine

Get both sets of Instructions for Building a Solar Panel and Wind Turbine.

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